The end will be definitely.... Something different!!!

What lesson one has to learn from yesterdays
World Cup Final Match between India and Srilanka.

In life…… sometimes we have to be mere spectators.

The way it took turns…..the ups and downs….

They were 31/1 in first 10 over power play….
Raising the hopes of over a billion Indians!

Then the man called Jayawardene came,
Hitting a ton, he Kept the hopes of Srilankans alive!!

And then ….we were 31/2….that includes Tendulkar!
Supposed to be most promising batsmen of the day…
Draining all the energy of enthusiastic Indian crowds,
Sitting there at Wankhade Stadium and
Millions world over, watching the live match
Thought "It's Gone"..

At this crucial moment...came our hero of the day Gautam Gambhir!
Who has toil hard, literally soiled himself
Scoring an inspiring 97.
That too…under such a great pressure.

In a true sense, yesterdays Match was sensational!!
Raising and dropping adrenalin levels of millions!!

And literally all we Indians have to be mere spectators!!

We all know …we just can't control…
The swinging ball,
The hitting bat.
We were just sitting and praying
(probably the only thing one can do during such times).

So, my dear friends
When something good or bad happens …
Don’t just jump into conclusions…
Don’t just say…. THE END.

You never know…
What is going to happen…?
Wait and watch….

It's not going to be what you have expected
The end will be definitely
Something different!!!

Hopefully the better one…
Just like yesterday!!!


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