Satya Sai Baba Passes Away....So, What Next?

So, finally they declared……Satya Sai Baba passes away.
Spiritual leader Satya Sai Baba who has thousands of followers in India and abroad died Sunday of cardiac and respiratory failure.

I am not his devotee but, whatever work Baba has done for the public is exemplary.
There is no argument in the fact that Sai Baba did a lot of good for people around him.

But when I was going through all kind of ambiguity surrounding his successor, I was wondering why a person like him also not thought about future course ….in spite of prolonged illness.

Why he has not made clear... who can take the responsibility of Satya Sai Central Trust which manages several welfare activities across the country.

Why there is so much uncertainty? Why there is a succession war breaking out among members.
Why the Trust built and developed over the decades has suddenly in doldrums.

Why a man of so much calibre who can attract and mobilise millions around the world could not visualise the future both of him and the trust?

No one is permanent and there is no better person than Baba, to know this fact, who has seen the plight of many deceased and deprived.

But, then still....I should say he has not bothered enough to foresee the situation. This is where he lacked...doing a thing even the commonest man does...... preparing himself and his pedigree for the future.

May be he has not expected his sudden dismissal.
May be he has thought he is not going to die this ordinary or
May be has thought his Trust members are really "trust worthy".

Whatever..... I am not bothered about his devotees/ followers... they will find solace in one GOD or the other.
I am thinking about the future of thousands of people who are employed/associated with the Trust.

Let us pray for that....let the best person take the responsibility of Trust...let there be no hindrance in its activities.....because this is for the betterment of people/ society.

May be this is the last wish of Baba too...

May his soul rest in peace.


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