No one is Perfect…

It’s of normal practice that we easily compromise with outside people rather than with our near and dear ones.

We seldom take their habits/ attitude/ character so seriously. Even if we come across with some problem, we forget the differences so quickly and mingle with them as if nothing has happened.

The problem arises only when we have to deal with dear/ near ones, because we always want to see them flaw less.

We assume that they can never do anything wrong. We make a perfect opinion that they are so perfect and even a slight shift in their behavior makes us go berserk and we all throw some tantrums
“Hey I didn’t expect this from you” .

Though we are quite intelligent in dealing with so many critical problems…when it comes to accessing the near/ dear ones we easily become fools.

The root cause of this kind of thinking is assumption.
First we assume and then based on that we deduce their character,
Irrespective of what they are or what they are capable of.

No one in this universe is perfect…Every one has their own set of positive and negative attributes.The percentage varies.
We all are aware of this fact to some extent, but when it comes to practicality we can’t follow it appropriately.

We leave a hurt feeling in the minds of dear/ near ones and spoil the relationship for life time but seldom do we realize ….what we are losing and what we are gaining.

It doesn’t matter if your daughter couldn’t top the class and your son lost his mobile phone, or your wife could not prepare “Halwa” as your mother used to prepare and for that matter your husband forgot to remember your birthday.

It hardly makes any difference; it’s hardly going to change their value.
But, at the same time when you try to make out something big such as deciding their character based on one or two of their simple mistakes, you will lose your value.

It all depends on how you take things ….

Give your dear ones some discount.

Remember that no one is 100% perfect.
Don’t try to correct all the silly things they do now and then….
Accept them with their flaws.

I am sure once you learn the art of accepting them as they are,
Your life will be flaw less…

There won’t be any complaints,
There won’t be any burnt hearts,
There won’t be any bad feelings,
There won’t be any unpleasant moments.

Life will be PERFECT.

What do you say?


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