What an enlightenment!!!!!

Yesterday on my way back to home from Secunderabad, pillion riding my daughter on Two wheeler,
I just happen to see a family taking photographs with their newly acquired car in front of Ford Showroom.

When I mentioned the scenario to my daughter…my daughter told “Yah mom it’s Ford Car that too they bought it on an exceptional and special day like Sreerama Navami”.

My immediate reaction was “what so special about Sreerama Navami?

See Rama’s fate….he got married on this day and faced so many problems.
First he lost his throne, then he has to spend a period of exile in the forest, there also he couldn’t stay peacefully as Ravana abducted Seetha.

He has to bear the separation, and then cross the Sea to reach Lanka, followed by the Great War to win over Ravana.

His sufferings have not ended here, even after Seetha proving her integrity by Agnipravesham; Rama has been forced to send Seetha on exile again, to prove his truthfulness and please people of Ayodhya. Then he lived all alone for rest of his life.

Nothing good has happened, once he begins his marital life on this day.

After hearing what all I told….

My daughter paused just for a second and gave me a shock treatment by stating …

“Mom that’s the reason why his life has become the Sacred Ramayana”.

I couldn’t utter anything but muse in silence….

Yes this is the reason!

Yes … because he could face and withstand all his sufferings without any complaints….followed his rituals and remained himself ……he has become “The Rama”.

An Idol for so many people for so many generations.

What an enlightenment!!!!!

Great lesson learnt ….that too on Rama Navami….!


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