Fragile Life...

I know it thoroughly…..
But today again life has hinted to me in bold letters
“I am fragile”

Whether you handle with care or don’t care
How it takes turn, at the end of the day…
Nobody can predict.
But certainly it has the upper hand!

I just returned from home of my colleague
Who died all of a sudden ….today in early hours!
He was not having any ailment or any complaint.
Everything happened in minutes.

Both husband and wife are geologists and work in my office
Happy go lucky sort of a Couple!

The news is a rude shock to all of us
But no one can do anything!
Except praying GOD to give the mother and daughter duo
Some courage to face the life!

Someone rightly commented
At least birth we can control to some extent....but not death!

May his soul rest in peace!


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