Universal Law Of Perception

Some time back a colleague of mine went to his native place to see a girl for marriage.
The next day when he returned to office, during tea time discussions,
A senior colleague of ours put a stupid question to the guy...
”Is the girl beautiful”…
Pat came a reply from the person “yes sir to me the girl is beautiful just like aishwarya”.
Obviously the person who enquired couldn’t utter anything after listening to that answer.

I think knowingly unknowingly the guy gave us the universal law….
Everyman’s perception to looking at a thing differs…,

And that’s what makes this world keep going!
Whether it’s with reference to beauty or duty,
Luxury or simplicity, negativity or positivity…towards a thing,
It all depends on how you perceive a thing.

If one can understand this, keeping in view that every individual in this universe is unique!
And everyone is entitled to a fixed set of perceptions!
Then, I think there won’t be any problem in understanding the people around you!

Ofcourse...I don’t advice you to completely accept what others say…
But at least give them a scope, listen them!

Who knows you may change yours! Once you listen to them.

What do you say?


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