Short …Stands Long!

In the short course of life...

We do a long struggle to live!

When life is at melting point

We try to freeze the moments!

When life extends its open arms

We prefer to remain cut off!

Always in a rush!

Always in anguish!!

When life offers us love

We tend to fold our heart!!

It’s not that how long you lived

Life… lived for a cause...

Though short …stands long!

 (For Poets United: Verse First ~THE LONG & SHORT OF IT)


Kalpana Solsi said…
When life offers us love
We tend to fold our hearts!!

Just lovely.
Akila G said…
very encouraging
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Some big truths in this poem. Love it!
Beautiful last two lines!
Anonymous said…
Makes sense to me. Nice write.
Nice illustration of the prompt, as well as addressing it. :)
lovely write :) life spent with worth is life's worth.

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