Love= Life?

Yesterday while taking a stroll in my complex…..
Me and my daughter were discussing about love
Particularly the love from the opposite sex

We were discussing about reasons beyond women yearning for love from opposite sex!

Why they always look up to men for approval
From simple thing like their attire/ beauty to something as big as their choice of job / life.

I couldn’t answer her in exact words…
But I do often feel the same …
Why the hell I look up to someone else,
And I know most of the women do,
Either their partner/ lover for the approval

Let the whole world be with them
But still they feel that one person’s opinion is of utmost important
They can make them or break them

Is it really true that... women are of weaker sex compare to men?
Or is it because …women make themselves weak...
Making the men automatically strong

O.k ….whatever may be the reason
Let us not discuss it further!

But ..the discussion has made me to come to some sort of conclusion....

Never over weigh your love!

Life is much bigger than just simple love from a person of your choice
It doesn’t matter whether they always accept you or after you

Don’t break your heart…
Don’t spoil your life…
By thinking about a single person

I am telling specially referring to younger lot of girls….
Who are mad with the concept of love (mostly)

Girls…please…accept yourselves as the ruler of your life
Love is only a part and parcel in one’s life
Be firm about your equations…
Definitely…love is not equal to your whole life

Enjoy love….within its limits
Don’t overdo it…
Life is bigger than love
Understand it!


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