I am afraid to take the hug....

Always I have avoided
Throughout….I have ignored

But suddenly...today she came!
Knocking at my door
Completely naked
In the bright daylight

As she forced her entry
I stood just helpless
I could not take her stare
I could not handle her glare

It’s not that I don’t love her
It’s not that I don’t want her

But I am afraid to take the hug
When life sheds her outfit

Life is beautiful …only with flutter
Life is lovable…only with veneer
Life is huggable…only with platter
Life is kissable…only with shimmer

I am not into facing the truth
I am not into forcing the faith

How can I differ…?
From anyone else
I am also a mere spectator
In terms of life

Yes...can’t indulge with life
When it becomes daringly bare

Sorry dear…
It’s not my mistake
I can’t handle the honesty
You are so crystal clear

Let there be one more phase
Let there be one more chance
May be I can live-In with you
My dear darling life…


Brother Ollie said…
gripping poem! love the pace of it. It pulled me right along!
McGuffy Ann said…
I agree. I was swept along by it!

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