A streak  of grey hair here and there
A wrinkle or two on the bright face
In fact….Age made him more beautiful

Nothing stops growing
Including my yearning for him!
In fact ….maturity made him more adorable

Life stops for none
Me and he are no exceptions
In fact….limited span made him more valuable

Love is directly proportional to time
As we grow older….love multiplies!
In fact….with time….he became... inseparable!

(For One Single Impression, Prompt:WRINKLE)


Suzy said…
I love the concept of love multiplying as we grow older. Very nice.
Dropping from oSI.
very sweet! sounds like you have a beautiful love!
slowleaner68 said…
what an expression,well crafted words,appears to be for very special n old friend.i am going through ur articles,it is taking lot of time as each has deep meaning and also topics are varied.hope u wont mind my comments,ur good in expressing ur feeings for that u have feelings.

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