Believable Beliefs

What will I write?

How many I can recollect

Life wouldn’t be as it is

Without all those childhood dreams

Many beliefs…many ideas

Where there is no trace of “No”

Everything appears so simple

When life was always on go!

Wishing good luck…rolling both hands

Looking at the cranes flying in the sky

Expecting good marks in tough subject

Keeping the leaves of “Saraswathi Plant” in books

Trusting that it will turn to golden tooth

Hiding the Tooth in soil, at some secret place

Thinking that it will bring good-luck

Keeping the Peacock feathers in geometry box

Oh …how believable were those beliefs

Oh..... how beautiful were those days

Where... heart was without any thought

And…..Mind was full of heart!

 (For Poetry Jam: Magic of Childhood)

*One type of croton plant…which is locally called Saraswathi plant…

Saraswathi is The Goddess of Studies according to Hindu Mythology


Veena said…
Yes true we still do believe those innocence days of our childhood .Those were the days filled with magic and of course anything and everything was possible in our dream land..!!
Of couse now as we grow older we can still relive those wonderful feelings.
Mary said…
I loved especially the last four lines of your poem. Yes, those beliefs were beautiful....but if we close our eyes and dream, we still can believe in the magic of childhood.
Kathe W. said…
I still believe in the magic of childhood- I was lucky as a child.
Peggy said…
Oh how beautiful when the mind was so full of heart!! Thanks for posting.
I agree everything did appear so simple as children!

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