Help me to find "ONE"

Pleading the God

To help me to find "One"

The one who listens

My silent words

The one who heals

My hidden wounds

The one who cares me

When I am too tired of doing

The one who holds me

When I am too weird of thinking

The one who is not apart

In any phase of mine

The one who is intact

With any act of mine

Love mainly blossoms when you obey

Love mostly eludes when you have your say

The one who never undermines me

The one who ever understands me

Life passes quickly with smiles

Life pauses suddenly with troubles

The one who takes me through tears

The one who sails me through troubles

Let me find that someone dear God


Let me have that someone till my end!

(Poets United, Poetry Pantry # 178)


Brian Miller said…
you know, i believe you just have to not settle for someone less...i am sure there is a one out there just for you....
jossina said…
i genuinely hope you will find that someone. your twin flame is sure there , destiny favours the prepared. better yourself thats all u have to do
Mary said…
I agree with Brian... I believe you will as well. It will happen when you least expect it. And yes, do not settle for anything less.
Veena said…
Destiny always showers its goodness to the needy...!!!!
PT said…
Thanks for all the good wishes!
Panchali said…
Good one:-) Enjoyed reading. and I'm sure, you'll find someone all in good time! :)
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Oh that someone is out there, waiting, just waiting, for you.
Anna :o]

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