Love gets defined....

How to start…Where to start
Thinking endlessly what to write

It’s not that I don’t feel
It’s not that that I don’t love

But you know dear….
Sometimes words fail to express
They become mere spectators

They all gather at certain point
Sit pretty at one corner
Stare at me glaringly
Watch me scratch my head

I am never successful
Love is always an enigma to me
Love is always elusive with me

But…me tirelessly trying to grab
Have a close look at it
Understand it...Define it

I know…one day …I can do it
When I and you meet
Words change into a verse!
Love gets defined

Till then…..

It’s gala time for the words
And… waiting time for me
For that momentous day!
When love explore ways to express
More than words can say!!


Paresh Kale said…
Words as spectator..I like this metaphor. BTW a very happy new year to you and your readers :-)
slowlearner68 said…
hope one day u can do it.happy new year.

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