Happy Thinking!

Off late my thought process has shrunk… I believe

Not attempting to write anything free hand…

Rather I can say

Not writing anything with free thought

All the thoughts  are coming out with preconceived notions

Themes given either at Poetry Jam or at Poets United….

Sometimes at Three words Wednesday and regularly at Haiku Heights….

I am writing according to choice

Restriction of ideology...restriction of lines…restriction of words

All the same …all the time!

I feel somewhere I have completely lost ….the freedom of writing what I feel……

Which use to be my primary criteria earlier

Life is definitely like this…knowingly/ unknowingly

We tend to follow certain routine track….never ever even thinking…

Never ever even bothering whether….is it all that what we want

I feel sometimes we have to stand aside….


Take a pause…look around

Trace the path and try to make out

Whether it’s the same path what we have chosen before we begin the journey

Whether it’s the same route we want to get in and travel further

A small pause taken now and then makes you clearer of your thoughts

What do you say…?

Do pause for a while…take a break from routine

Make your own track…dwell in your own thoughts

Happy thinking!


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