You are ...My Time!

Holding the present of time

Staring at the past

Gazing at the future…..

Trying to gauge the momentum of life

Time is same in all the space

Time is time in all the matter

It changes faces all over the world

It changes phases all the four seasons

But when I am with you

It’s the same all through the space

It stands still all through the life

 Because dear…

For me time only matters

When I and you are together

You are “my space”

You make “my life”

(For Poets United, Poetry Pantry # 181)


Mary said…
What beautiful sentiments expressed in this poem. How special to have someone with whom time stands still when you are with them.
Susan said…
Aw. I hope you plan to give this to a special someone whether a beloved or a child or God.
Karanvir Kour said…
Wrote for special some one :)
Nice write up

keep blogging :)
Vandana Sharma said…
such a lovely dedication to a loved one:)
Stormcat Poetry said…
You are "in love" . . . Yay!
kaykuala said…
Two endearing souls together is a lovely thing. Merry Christmas!


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