Sole mate? Soul mate?

Travelling with me
All the territories

Exploring new avenues

Enduring my zeal

Ever changing my zest

You.... my companion

From dawn to dusk!

Never ever questioned my plans

Never ever doubted my abilities

Just like a faithful follower

You obeyed my every route!

To the hills and the valleys

To the beaches and the banks

To the hotels and the hostels

To my friends and the strangers!

You might have changed colour

You might have changed model

But you never changed the rule

You never let me down!

You always stood by me

Taking me places

You are always there with me

Following my foot steps!

Reminding me ….

The long forgotten palms of mother!

(For dVerse Poets Pub - Poetics: a mile in these Shoes)


Claudia said…
nice.. i like your sole /soul mate play... the emotional close and the comfort of having a travel companion to count on... exploring new places together... visiting friends and strangers... a good pair of shoes is gold worth...isn't it..
Brian Miller said…
what an endearing ending on this...def nice to have one that wwalks with us that we can depend can def be that for us.

welcome to dverse...see you often at poets visit others though, as we dont need another person that just takes and does not give back.
Björn said…
I really like this.. how you played with the opposites.. friends and strangers, hills and valleys.. Nice to have you here..
Abhra said…
Looking at the title I guessed it was for Dversepoets club. Good work.
Mystic_Mom said…
Very nicely done, a sweet play on words and your closing lines just really really cool! Thanks for joining in.

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