Jai Ho....Hyderabad!

Standing aloof in the midst of city

I become the witness on duty

Not a day…not a month

Years together I am paying this levy

The glorious Golconda Fort

The ever charming Charminar

The calm and quite...Qutub Shahi Tombs

The enchanting Hussain Sagar Lake

Still stand tall...amidst the chaos

Still make impact…with their eternal charm

New multiplexes…new habitats

Paradise Biriyani…Madina Haleem

Number of new parks…Flock of love birds

Everything seems perfect

With the people and places

As city grow… I remain in solitude

Rock solid…on Gibraltar rock

In my disposition of Gautama Buddha!   

(For Poetry Jam : Where You're At) 

(Come...See...and I am Sure...You will definitely love The City...Hyderabad, where I stay)


Donna Smith said…
Sounds like you have witnessed many changes, yet some things remain the same, steadfast in a "charming, enchanting chaos".
Peggy said…
I googled up Hyderabad an enjoyed taking a look after your poem made me want to see it! Thank you so much for sharing a slice of where you live.
SaraV said…
Interesting how much things change and yet, the monuments stay to remind us. Nicely done :-)
Susan Lindquist said…
The monuments that make anchor a place even as changes happen all around them ... and still your city is your home!
PT said…
Welcome to Hyderabad Peggy
alan1704 said…
Excellent picture of a lovely place, really brings the city to life, with all its many facets
Laurie Kolp said…
Lovely piece... enjoyed the POV.
Nicholas V said…
Hyderabad! That's very exotic for us here Downunder and it was refreshing to read your poem and to be prompted and read more about your city. I enjoyed this.

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