I don’t know since when

I have been dumping things
All the bad, keeping aside good!

I have been storing moments
All those quite, leaving behind bland

I have been saving spirit
To reach the heavens!

Heart shrinks…brain explodes

Freezing slowly day by day
 Life is nothing but a refrigerator!

(For Poetry Jam:  Refrigerator)


Mary said…
Sometimes it is good to clean out the 'refrigerators' in one's life....and keep the positive, throwing out the negative!! Nice one.

Here is mine:
Laurie Kolp said…
I love this metaphor!
Kathe W. said…
what a great metaphor! Cheers!
Pealogic said…
Your poem with its great metaphor makes life sound rather good actually.
Gabriella said…
It all sounds like a great idea, as long as you know how to defrost things when you need them.
Always best to dump the bad - life and refrigerator!
Brian Miller said…
yikes...the last line is a bit ominous...its good though to make sure we are dumping the bad and keeping the good....and it makes a great metaphor for life
alan1704 said…
Heart sinks.. Brain explodes - great image and great words, this really works.
Nicholas V said…
Interesting take on the theme and the metaphor works well!

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