My eyes look for you...

My eyes look for you....

Sometimes outwardly

Sometimes inwardly

They never get tired

In search of your image

Sometime virtual

Sometimes real

They endlessly put the effort

Trying to convey the untold

Sometimes silently

Sometimes intensely

They enthusiastically make the bridge

To reach up to you

Sometimes in dreams

Sometimes in extant

My search goes just in vain

Never these eyes realize


You are like the other eye of the pair!

You are like the two banks of the River 

Though on the same front

All the time…all the life

Yet remains

Unexplored by the other

(For Poets United, Poetry Pantry # 186)


Amrita Sabat said…
Such a wonderful thought that one's beloved is like d other eye of d pair! Keep writing SCH great stuff!
Veena said…
Wonderful Read !!!

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