You can avoid heart break!

Relationships are like threads

That can be woven into anything

The threads can take different forms….

Something very precious

Which you want to store for generations and treat like a treasure

Something very pleasant

Which you want to keep close to your heart and wear for almost life time

Something very seasonal

Which keeps changing and useful for only specific time

Something very casual

Which you never bother, can be just like use and throw

It all depends upon….

Who the person is…

What the relation is…

How it began and how you want to treat it

And finally where you want to take it…where you want to end it

People are never the same

They keep evolving….rather I should say changing

So do the relationships

Never can we presume that…

The bondings what we make today remain same tomorrow

Or even if they remain same….they may not remain with same attraction

The force of attraction…that is required to keep the bond strong!

So….it’s your turn to access thoroughly

What type of bond you are going to make with whom?

Now a day’s reading a bit of geochemistry

Which clearly says that…

There are certain rules for bonding

Sometimes it’s an ionic bond sometimes it’s a covalent bond

And sometimes it’s just Vander waals forces of attraction

So when it comes to elements ….

They are very clear in sharing/ pairing

So …ask yourself…How much you are sure?

Keep it clear…

Before taking a leap and make a big bond

So that you can skip the blame game later in your life

And more importantly….you can avoid heart break

What do you say?

Keep bonding….but with little discretion!


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