Souvenir of Soul!

The more I try to pacify…

The more you agitate!

The more I try to control

The more you become rebel!

The more I try to convince

The more you get deter

The more I try to regularize

The more you go out of shape

I have always seen you as part of me

You have always stood on your own

Never bothering about how to behave

You have made your own way

My dear conscious!
Probably you are right….

If you weren’t like this

I wouldn’t have sustained

This life.. this long….

You are the one …who safe guarded me

Made me what I am…

Unperishable souvenir of soul!

(For Poets Unites, Poetry Pantry # 184) 


Mary said…
Interesting poem, PT. You described well the conscience we all have....which speaks to us even when we don't want to hear. Nice approach.
alan1704 said…
Very powerful, this storm of emotions, and the battle within. Nicely done.

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