Man = Woman =?

I don’t think….You are born different

You too have same things…As I have!

Two eyes one nose…Two ears one mouth

Two hands one brain…Two legs one heart!

Everything seems perfect…When I look at you

From a distance…I thought we two are same

But it’s only when I started living with you

I realized a woman is never equal to a man

You sleep... when you are tired

I sleep once I complete my chores

You work for running the house

 I work…it’s just for sake of working

You order …I obey…

I request…still you have your say!

You speak…I understand

I convey… you never get convinced

I may be putting more sweat

I may be having more brains

But it’s you who takes the charge

It’s you who becomes the boss

I have learnt every art of life

I have brought even “life” into life

But yes...
I am yet to learn the art of belief

The belief that makes me think that

Men and women are equal!

(For Poets United Mid-Week Motif ~ Equality)


Mary said…
It really IS not a very good feeling to think one is treated unequally, especially in one's own home.
Aditi said…
This is sad but so true of many households where 'man of the house' is given importance and the woman who actually is responsible for the house being turned into a home is forgotten or taken for granted!
Stormcat Poetry said…
I see this everyday in my work. Now days it usually leads to divorce. Everyone suffers especially the children.
Susan said…
So tiring that this inequality is still sanctioned within society. I think it must be so tiring too to the men convinced to maintain it when a more human relationship is possible. I'm glad to see a poem on what, in the USA at least, is rarely in the headlines any more.
Kalpana Solsi said…
you order... I obey
you speak...I understand

beautiful and true lines
loved ,loved,loved your poem
alan1704 said…
This is quite perceptive and pushes back limits. Very interesting and nicely written
PT said…
Glad that you liked it...true lines...because, true feelings!
Mary said…
Hope you will have time to visit those who visit you, as we all enjoy visits as much as you do. Thanks in advance.
slowlearner68 said…
for generation its true,hope it will change but who will?
its person like u--start.

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