Why do you cling to years?

Yet another year

Time is invariable

I and you change…into nothingness

Age slowly percolates

Mending all the solid gain

Time just passes

Transforming moments…into memories

Life slowly precipitates

Settling below the datum line

Time is a continuum

Days and years….can't bind it

Soul slowly evaporates

Opening all the tied knots

Notwithstanding with this truth

Why do you cling to years?

Time is eternal

Everything disintegrates

But…Time …continues to exist!

(Poets United Mid-Week Motif ~ Newness)


The reality of moving on, yet the human nature side to cling to past memories...

Mary said…
Time surely does continue on, doesn't it? Happenings turn into memories. Even when our own lives come to an end, time continues at its same pace as it has since time began. Lots of philosophy here.
Susan said…
I'm grinning at the end of this poem. Time does keep moving invariably forward, dully and duly, never changing. We cannot stop it, though we may try, and trying to hold on to youth, people, looks is all in vain. This should depress me instead of freeing me. Perhaps it is the untying of the knots that gives me such joy.
Robert Bourne said…
I have my feet braced against the hands of the clock but it still keep ticking... :) a poem that strikes a tune that everyone can hear...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Fantastic reflection on time's inevitable passing. Definitely resonates with me - I am leaving skid marks behind me at all times, these days! (will it work if I say Hell No, I Wont Go?) hee hee.
alan1704 said…
Time is relentlessness and is always against us. Very nicely captured and lots to make you think.
Jinksy said…
But Time gives us a chance to change the face of 'now'...
Karen said…
Love the "untying all the knots." I keep tying them back! ;)
Kenia Cris said…
I like the pinch of science and the touch of divine in here. <3
PT said…
Thoroughly enjoyed all your wordings about my verse...thank you so much!
a good atheist said…
relativity interesting :)
A good question. Why do we cling so when every year tends to get better and better with age?
Yes, sometimes we cling to the past. It's better to let go and move forward, as time passes quickly :)
We always wait eagerly for the new, still we just can't ignore the old ones, our values, culture, friends and family.But at the end ..time exists..it heals everything.. Nice take on the prompt . Loved it.
S.E.Ingraham said…
I really like this, especially how you play up the ephemeral nature of time and how it goes on and on, no matter what...how true. Nicely done. Good poem to start off the year.


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