Break The Rules

Don’t think….how

Don’t think.... why

Don’t think.... where

Don’t think.... when

When you are in a situation

Nothing matters more than you

Just don’t think…

Don’t think to break the rules

All through life you can’t be perfect

All through journey you can't be straight

Bend a little mend a little

Deviation doesn’t always mean revolution

Unless you evolve a new path

Unless you take a new challenge

Life can’t just progress

Don’t look for ingress

Go ahead and break the rules!

(Poets United Poetry Pantry # 201)


Mary said…
I do agree that 'deviation doesn't always mean revolution.' If no one would ever dare to 'break rules' perhaps the status quo would go on forever, and that wouldn't necessarily be a good thing.
Björn Rudberg said…
There are rules to be broken, there are rules to keep.. the fundamental question is not what, but why...
Sumana Roy said…
change is good but time will tell if it was better...however a stir is needed...
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I love "bend a little, mend a little"...good advice.
Susan said…
Yes, at times, breaking rules is the logical path, especially when the rules/laws are unjust.
R.K. Garon said…
What rules ??? :-)
hyperCRYPTICal said…
I break rules - confining rules, others rules, that need to be broken.

It is proof that I am alive.

Anna o]

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