Mind attains Nirvana!

Filling the eyes with pleasure

Awakening the hidden senses

The lush green Peepal Tree

Waving all its  branches ..sending the warmth

Through gentle wind on to my face

Morning becomes real raising

Mind attains nirvana

Me becomes one with the nature!

 Poets United ; Midweek Motif ~ the Color Green


alan1704 said…
One with nature and immersed in colour, this has a comforting spirit.
Susan said…
Sounds marvelous, step by step. Thank you for posting with Poets United.
Vandana Sharma said…
Amazing....the poem has such a calming effect:)
Your words match that joyful picture so well.
Anonymous said…
There is such unstoppable joy in these lines... Brilliantly written!
humbird said…
Nice poetic flow and the idea 'we one with nature' makes this poem a winner!

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