Truth burns the fingers
Truth chills the spine

Truth is thicker than blood
Stays with you till the end
Truth is brighter than sun
Never allows you to blind

None follows you behind this worldly world
None adhere to you beyond the mutual bond
World is a place where you are temporary
Bond is a phase as long as you are contemporary

Truth is falling apart from the
Sweetened coat of the time
Truth is making relay on the
Absolute reflection of the life

Truth is ultimate....
Ultimately finding the fact
None belongs to you
You belong to none


Brian Miller said…
a lot of truth in those last two lines...and that releases us from carrying anyone elses truth but our own...its interesting GL wrote on truth as well..
Vandana Sharma said…
Oh! yes, the life's greatest truth which we all need to understand.
R.K. Garon said…
I agree with Brian re: the last two lines.
Björn Rudberg said…
For sure without the last two lines.. Truth is one of most misused words ever.. But yes still important.
Truedessa said…
What is truth..everyone has their own version..
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Impact in the two closing lines.......a good read.
scotthastiepoet said…
Hi there, I agree with Brian - your last two lines say a lot... Thanks for this... With Best Wishes Scott
G L Meisner said…
Very nice, I really liked the way flows.

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