To, God....with love!

I don’t know when I have last conversed with you

Today…when I am trying to recollect…I feel it has been ages

I know it’s not necessary to write to you... tell you

What all is going on in my life….

You know better than anybody

In fact you are the witness for every happening of my life

Good or bad, happy or sad…you are always there with me

But…still sometimes I feel that I should talk to you

I feel that urge… to explain to you the details

Why …when I have done that

Why when I couldn’t do that

It may be simple truth or it may be stupid reason

But I want you to know that

Now you don’t tell me about your omnipresence

I know it…but you see there is a charm in conversing with you

There is a beauty in revealing to you …the ultimate guard of my life

I know that you are noticing all that mad rush

You’re listening to all that cacophony

You are looking at all those confused states of my mind

You are enjoying all those new nonsense’s I am engrossed with

But you are not involving in any matters

Neither you are provocating me to do

Nor you are advising me not to do

I know I am the doer


Why are you so silent?

Common…its time you talk to me

As you use to do it earlier times

Be with me….

I am waiting eagerly to hear you

To be one with you

Forgetting this whole world

Come soon

With love

Yours and Yours only



Brian Miller said…
i have written similar letters asking why he is silent...and why i seem to be floating along without direction...i am a doer as well...smiles.
PT said…
Yah..true everyone feels the same at some or other point of time in their life

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