Hey... I don’t know how to define

The one who finds meaning in your mindless talk

The one who stands by you in your meaningless track

The one who holds you in esteem

When whole world down throws you

The one who listens you with respect

When entire world disbelieves you

The one who keeps you in shape

When you being tore into pieces

The one who makes you afore

When you are changing the phases

The one who keeps you in stride when you go weary

The one who keeps you sturdy when you become shaky

There are 101 criteria….to prefix/ suffix

But still my dear friend you are beyond any fix

Life will be just life without you

Life becomes live in presence of you!

Hey... I don’t know how to define

Hey… you don’t mind if I am wrong

Best friend can never be defined

Best friend can never be précised

(For Poets United: Midweek Motif ~ Best Friend)


Stormcat Poetry said…
It's like a lot of those things that you can't define precisely but you know it when you see it . . . .
Susan said…
For someone who cannot define, you left little out! Plus, the enthusiasm and love in the tone of this poem are endearing. Love it!
Brian Miller said…
its a beautiful thing to have those friends that will love us when we need it, guide us when we need it and say the things we need to hear as well...

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