Life long Tresure....

Time melts freezing memories
Friends become life long treasure

Counting the child hood buddies
The innocent interactions
The unconditional sharing
The hide and seek games
The joy of singing rhymes

Remembering the campus companions
The vibrant communications
The undisputed interests
The girl-boy musings
The joy of dancing moods

Holding the lifelong soul mates
The wise-witty advices
The undying spirit of trust
The good and bad moments
The joy of being there

Friends are friends for ever
Irrespective of cast, cadre, creed
The bonding that lasts ever and ever
Without involving any trade

(For Poetry Jam: Friends)


Peggy said…
What a positive and hope-filled description of friendships that last a lifetime--or two. LOL thanks for posting!
Brian Miller said…
friends are...few
they should be treasured surely
and if they are, they will be there
when you need them.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Wonderful poem of friendship.
Vandana Sharma said…
good old sweet childhood days, always to remain in our heart!!!
alan1704 said…
Life Long soul mates - love this and the image of the eternal the transcends time.
Laurie Kolp said…
This made me think of old times...

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