Everyone is a champ.....

Swimming in the pool of thoughts
Mind will never rest
From one to another
From another to another
Thoughts are like snow fed rivers
Never get drained out

Life moves ahead
Swimming against all odds
Taking the lessons from time
You reach the goal
Every one is a champ here

Swimming is nothing but a way of life
Swimming is nothing but rising above the waters
Some take it slow some move swiftly
Some gets it easy some goes through rough
All swimmers end at only one end
Sooner or later everyone is a winner!

For Poets United: Midweek Motif:Swimming


Moonie said…
A life lesson really - it is good to go at your own pace in that and in the pool.
Susan said…
I really like how you put this truth in the image of pools and rivers, in the idea of a race that everyone wins at his and her own pace. The repetition of "Swimming" works here as it had me counting off all the people winning, swimming, living.
totomai said…
indeed ~ there's no loser as we all swim through this life.
humbird said…
Love the optimistic end- all winners!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I most love "Thoughts are like snow fed rivers/Never get drained out". Great metaphor for life. We all have the same finish line!
Sumana Roy said…
every line of this poem is inspirational...love to think that everyone is a winner in this life in his or her own way...wonderful.
Panchali said…
Inspiring piece!! ... ... we free ourselves from the shackles of whatever is going on in our lives. We swim through...Perfect!
G L Meisner said…
Yes, we are all swimmers in this world.

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