Let me stay in my own cocoon

I Want to remain in cocoon
Cozy, comfortable, confined
Having wings is not secure always
Being butterfly isn't an easy task

Wandering here and there
Looking for the tranquillity
From one end to another
Travelling all through life….
Being butterfly isn't an easy task.

Wings that give freedom….
Freedom that comes with liability
Liability that demands charge
Charge that  steals the steel
Being butterfly isn't an easy task

Who want wings…that take me to the world
A world that’s demanding
A world that’s bewildering

Let me stay in my own cocoon
Being an ugly caterpillar is convincing
Handling beauty isn’t an easy task
Being able to fly isn’t an easy task


Björn Rudberg said…
To dress up and fly.. yes I can see the advantage to be a lowly caterpillar.. I like the extended metaphor I think I read in your poem
Nima Das said…
can relate to these lines. Sometimes I too feel the same.
Sumana Roy said…
some interesting thoughts here...there always will be two sides of one thing....
scotthastiepoet said…
occon is a great metaphor to work with and I enjoyed this - tanks... With Best Wishes Scott www.scotthastie.com
G L Meisner said…
Yes, flying isn't easy but it is something you can do. Do it well.
Love the cocoon as a metaphor . . . there are times I have felt this way.

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