Life is like shadow...

Life is like shadow...keeps changing

With the changing times!

Never relay entirely on what you see

There is science behind the images

There is reason beyond the phases

Nothing comes in straight line

Angles are must to get intricacies

Insight is required to get the delicacy

Don't blame people...time is the culprit

Everyone is clean within their mindset

Thoughts become the fuel

Actions steer the life gear

Sometimes you may have the say

Sometimes I am right!

Accept the pattern of shadows...

Which change according to light

Life is nothing but a shadow...

Sometimes looks bigger than actual size!

(For Poets United:  Poetry Pantry #227)


Sumana Roy said…
I like the last two lines specially & the positive attitude....
Mary said…
Life definitely changes with changing times. We have to accept the progression, shadows and all.
Gabriella said…
"Nothing comes in straight line' - So true. Life can be a very circuitous journey.
life is a shadow,
life is a mirror,
life is moon,
life is future unknown to us most of the time.

loved your idea.

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