Love can only break the heart.....

It's not new

Falling down...and raising up

Life is all about that

It's not new

Braking hearts...and patching up

Love is all about that

I know there is nothing new

You and I met like any HE or SHE

You and I loved like any normal person

But...I don't know what made me to think that....

Life is all upswing with looking back

Love is all bonding with loose ends

I never dreamt even in my wildest dreams

I never thought even in my craziest moments

But time you know....

Changes the unchangeable

Love you know...

Shakes the unshakable

Life you know....
Teaches the unpleasantable

Thanks dear....You made me to realize!

Love is all the same with everyone

With kisses and hugs

It also brings tears and break-ups

But still this heart doodles

Still this heart beats

Love can only break the heart

Not the feel.....

What to say?????
What do you say....


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