Trying to find the ...unfound

Looking inwards
Looking outwards
Trying to find the ...unfound
Striving to make the ...embarrassed
 My identity is ....always in crisis
Unable to stick to rules
Unable to limit to boundaries
My identity always elopes

How can we fix ourselves in a mould
We are not machines...
We don't have fixed networking
We can't have fixed identity

It changes with
 Identity  grooms  according to nature
In fact identity is one form of SPIRIT
Keeps evolving from something to nothingness
Identity is the one which merges with universe
You and me are same in terms of NATURE...
Identities only we make...identities  only  we seek! 

For Poetry Jam: Identity 


Sumana Roy said…
so many roles one has to play in one life...i like your last line very much. ...
Gabriella said…
I guess that there are parts of us that evolve and change. But I also believe that there is an underlying core that remains the same.
Mary said…
Nicely stated. I think we are always fine-tuning ourselves, bending a little this way and a little that way; but our trunk stays rooted. So true that we are each part of nature in our own special way. Nice to see you, PT.
alan1704 said…
Very nice, we are all the same flesh, so many colours that shine to the world.
Peggy said…
For some reason in the midst of reading your poem I thought, "Yes, I guess we really are just a big spoonful of Jello. Enjoyed seeing you post here.
cifar shayar said…
finally its identity what we make and what we seek, agreed,wonderfully written

Nicholas V said…
You have captured the essence of our ever-changing and ever-shifting perception of who we are... Lovely poem!

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