God….. It's your turn to confess!!

Most of the people think that it is my weakness…

I can't question rather I won't complain and I won't ask for help, when something wrong happens to me!

The reason is simple….. I never believed in either complaining or seeking anyone's help to face challenges in my life feel.

I just ignore people's mistakes and move ahead in life!

I always try to see the positive aspect of a relation or person rather than their negative traits!

I think….This is the most positive aspect of me!

Recently I was reading about confession in Christianity!

Today somehow I felt that I should confess about certain things which always linger in my mind!

Because of my non-complaining nature!

I never complained when I learnt that…my father was reluctant, rather I should say, forced to come to see me when I was born….because its third time daughter for him

I never complained when my father didn’t even bothered to ask me would you like to repeat the medical entrance exam, knowing that I just missed the seat by a mere margin and I am very much fond of doing medicine!

I never complained when the same father took all the interest in case of my brother (who is one year younger to me) who has been advice to miss one whole academic year and sent again for coaching and finally managed to get admission in a private engineering college, paying high fee!!

I never complained when my father has given a piece of land only to my sisters, but not to me, and helped them by all means to construct their own houses

I never complained when neither my sisters nor my mother / brother ever bothered to ask my father "why the discrimination"? (Up to now)

I never complained when my father has seen to it that... both his elder son-in law and second daughter, having not good jobs with their qualifications, get trained in a particular course and got good placements!

I never complained when my mother left me in the hospital on the next day of my first delivery (that too C-section) to visit Tirupathi, for thanks giving (my brother has got visa and going to America)

I never complained when my husband who made 101 promises before marriage couldn’t fulfill even one promise till today!!

I never complained when my children support their father knowing that he is more powerful than me in all the aspects, though they know that I am right at most of the times

I never complained when a person proclaiming to be a good friend turned down the tables, at the time of crisis and put all the blame on me to save his face, which almost shattered my life!!

I never complained when a friend and colleague of mine took all my work (he made me to do some extra work) promising an authorship and published the paper without my name. More pathetic he included all those names who were not even associated with that work during that period!!

Today…I want to confess my dear God …

All these people wounded my heart by their deeds

It's not because I have lost something or I couldn’t gain something

It's because they made me to realize that…

They out valued me and my relation just for a stupid reason or for a mere gain!

But…still I don’t have anything to complain about them!

If at all I am having any complaint that’s only with you!

Why and what for….. You still left that faith in me?

Why ….. I still believe in people?

Why the hell ….I still lends my hand when someone asks for help?

Now God….. It's your turn to confess!!


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