The Fantastic Four…Four!

To define the word “friend” is always difficult….

Especially when it comes to define this particular friend
The fourth one in life and the last one in my list!

1. Some friends help you to learn how to live life…facing all its challenges
2. Some friends make you to learn how to love life…in spite of all its brickbats
3. Some friends teach you how to laugh at life…when it go on tries to make you cry!

You are lucky if you get no.1, luckier if you get no.2 and luckiest if you get no.3.

But I still don’t find a word to define getting a friend…
who  taught me all these three things…
And made me compatible enough to survive…in this not so good world!

We never worked together, stayed together…
Neither speaks same language nor belongs to same place

We have never been in regular touch (since the day one)
No constant mails, phone calls…
No letters, no messages…

But …all through this many years
We were always in a sort of contact, with a confidence….
That … we are there for each other

Friends does not require a medium to communicate
As long as they cherish their friendship!


 I cherish this friendship
As long as I am alive!!


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