It is be not O.K!!

Some time back when I was discussing about some topic,
My friend got a doubt…

Whether it’s O.K... if I do like this?
I could understand the nervousness with which he was asking.

I often seen people…being in dilemma (It’s the same with me also)
Always thinking twice…
To do or not to do
Is it O.K or not O.K?

I know pretty well…
How we always strive for approval of others
How we take all the tension for others acceptance

But …
Now a day, there seems to be a shift in my thinking…
As I grow older I do realize that
It’s always not possible to please everyone around you
You need not be accepted by everyone around you….

I feel sometimes it’s O.K to be not O.K
And do the things in your way!

I feel sometimes it’s O.K to be yourself
Your true self!

After all you are not the guarantee card for others happiness all the time
Being not O.K is part of your life style
Accept it!

Don’t get panic when you do something wrong…
Unless we commit,
How do we know what is O.K and what is not O.K?

Now and then
It is O.K…. to be not O.K!

What do you say?


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