You shouldn’t be chasing the problem!!

Some three four years back I have seen an English movie, Replacement Killers I think,

There is a dialogue in that movie….

"You shouldn’t be chasing the problem; you should be solving the problem"

Really quite impressive one, it made me to think…..

How in life, most of the time we spend in chasing some or the other problem

If you observe carefully....

Problems fall into three categories

Small ones….

We can easily find solutions for them and can quickly forget about them

So, no problem at all

Big/complicated ones….

Takes lot of time of our life, give tension and sleepless nights

The actual problem starts here….

We go on think ….do that or this, get frustrated

For this kind of situations….just allocates certain fixed time period…six months/ year or so….

Be after the problem….see to it…if not,

Just change your priority to next one, don’t stick to it and waste your time

Leave it like that; the intensity will subside with time

Try to come back to it after a gap with a fresh mind!

And finally the third one,

Never to die kind of problems…

Let me tell you

With my own experience with different kind of people,

If you realize and accept that….

You can't get rid off with your nagging wife or nudging husband

You can happily live ever after….

We always think that things may change

But certain things are just unchangeable….

The early you realize the happier you will be!

It's easy saying than doing….


Just dump them into.... not to bother list…..

You can see....a hell lot of difference!!

So next time…. when something like a problem crops up in your mind

First classify it….half the problem solved

Then go and finish it then and there….

Don’t chase a problem

Solve the problem!!


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