Don’t advice me…

Sometimes  life appears so miserable and I become so vulnerable....
All that I want at that moment is a secluded place where I can be just me with my loneliness

Because…I know …there is nothing wrong in being vulnerable!
Sometimes….being vulnerable and being lonely helps you
Helps you to do a sort of introspection!
It gives you a sort of retro into your hidden realms
Which are otherwise rarely inhabited!

But the problem is …..the moment I am vulnerable….
I become more accessible.... more others

They won’t stop with that, they start giving me all kinds of advice
What to do what not do…kind of stuff
I  really hate it

I am a firm believer that…no one on earth can actually estimate…what you are going through
Especially when you are passing through a very bad phase…
(And of course…when everything is going perfect…you never ever  bother….who is bothering you)

But  really hats off to the people’s approximation and imagination….

They will come to me with so much consideration to console me
And do all sort of free talk…and make me so frustrated that…
I really feel like going and taking a dip in the Ganges!

Alas….I  just want to tell them…rather yell at them

I am perfectly o.k with my worries
Let me have it at my own pace dudes

I am quite comfortable in dealing with problems
Don’t advice me…
Until unless I ask for it!


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