That ONE....

All this life
Trying to find that one person…..

For whom I mean the world
Who can make my world

All these years
Trying to find that one hand…

Which will hold me close
Won’t leave me till my end

All through....with this love
Trying to find that one face…

Which doesn’t change its color
Remain the same even in adverse

Not the hitches…
Not the hooks
Not the catches
Not the looks

Trying to find that one
Whose heart is filled with the warmth

That stays on and on for life time
Makes my life worth living


Sweet - clean and simple - Lovely read :)
aka_andrea said…
All through with looking for that myself. Felt you.
Sherry Blue Sky said…
I, too, know the feeling. Yet I detect hope, still, in the poet.
Beautiful. Keep on wishin' and hopin'... but remember, don't pursue love. Sometimes it has to catch up to you, and in an unexpected place. Lex and I are going on 15 years and we met in a New Members class at our church!!

I never forget those years in between, and this speaks to everyone's search for the person who will hold their hand, look them in the eye... Poignant. Amy
Kim Nelson said…
I suspect the one is you... you.
Lovely write.

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