From womb to lap to hug
I always tried….

To give you comfort
To make you relieve

From the day I began my life
My sole object of life becomes you!

I become an object for you!!

As a daughter…As a sister…
As a life partner..As a mother….

I keep changing myself..
To suite you by all means!!

I never question your integrity
I never raise a doubt

Your  love is all that I believe!
Your concern is all that I cherish!

From the day the seed is sowed
All mothers wish for only one thing I am sure

To bring up her boy into a man
And make him a real human!

To lift his spirits so high and
Make  him a real soul mate!!

So that…
At least one wandering soul  of women
Will get placed right in this world!!

(For Verse First:Women)


Kim Nelson said…
A very focused piece on the roles of women.

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