Food for Thought!

I often tell cooking/ kitchen teaches a person….. many of life’s fundamental lessons!

Just a few minutes back a small incident in the kitchen prompted me to come out… leaving all the things aside and open my laptop to write and share this!

I was busy making arrangements for dinner and tomorrows breakfast….
As I required some cumin powder…I just took out the new packet from the stock, cut it open and  took out some powder
As I couldn’t find suitable container to transfer the contents in my surroundings,
Afraid of losing  its aroma, I closed the packet firmly and tried  to keep it air tight….safely… in the shelf ..
And I thought…I am successful in placing it right…

But alas…
While just taking out my hand from the shelf…one of my hands just hit with another container…..that too one which is open…consisting..sugar!
Everything fell on the ground…

I was looking at the sugar on the ground…which I can’t put back to its original place!  

Some how strangely that scene... made to realize …what mistake I have done….
In course of taking more care of one thing I forgot to take even minimum care of the other thing!

I started thinking....
How often we all do that in life…….quite often I am sure!

But let me tell you one thing...
Life is not as plain as sugar container…

Most of the times….it won’t even give us any hint or visual evidence
What wrong we have done….

How we  hurt someone’s feelings while trying to please someone else
We never imagine the effect of the wrong treatment we have done to others…while trying to do too much good to others

Isn’t it our misjudgment rather I would say indiscrimination to look at the things!

How stupidly we push aside something/someone  for getting  another thing/another person  ….without even realizing the impact of our actions

And quite often we don’t even realize the truth….the value until ….unless….we lose it completely

Just like I can’t lift the sugar from the ground….
The silliest mistake like….overlooking at the things/persons
Make us lose those valuable things/ persons/ relations from our life

So my dear friends…
Pay due attention to…all the things…
Never put too much interest in one thing at the cost of another thing
Never take too much care of a relation at the cost of another relation
And finally
Never love a person too much… discriminately ignoring…the other person

What do you say…..
Too much of cooking

Yah…enjoy the food for thought....tonight!


Pradyumna Ray said…
I second you.. cooking is a form of realization.. :)

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