The moment I am into existence
I know…you are my objective!
My sole aim is to reach you!!

I jump in joy…run down hills
I gush as a cascade!
Down the track…
I gather all the stuff!!

With more vigor and force
I cross countries….mend ways!
To give you something big
From juvenile…I become youth!!

I don’t know exactly when
But you see.. I leave all those unwanted behind!
Cut off with all that’s unnecessary
I become learned I become mature!!

Age doesn’t have any soft corner
Slowly…it creeps into my life!
Taking best out of me
Makes me old and weak..
Makes me dependent!!!

I realize….the reason behind my  trek
And hug you my dear!

To merge with you..
And become unison
Forever and ever and ever! !

(As a student of geology…I have learnt about stages in the evolution of a River
The juvenile  stage….the youth stage…the mature stage and the old stage
Each with its characteristic topographic forms…
I was just recollecting my long forgotten notes
Resulting into these weird verse!)


McGuffy Ann said…
A very intense and interesting piece!
Serena Helriot said…
I am intrigued by "age doesn't have any soft corner..." also the bit about leaving what's not needed behind... this runs very deep...
I love the exuberance of this. It reminds me somewhat of poets like Rumi who wrote fervent love poems to God.
Kim Nelson said…
Evolution of a land... not much different that evolution of a man.

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