How can I???????

Do you think dear…

I can clandestine our love
Because of this worldly world

You just tell me dear…

How can I conceal
Happiness reflected on my face

How can I control…
Pleasure inflected in my talk

Love is like the sky
Takes you so high

Love is like air
Makes you to feel

Love is like rain
Gives you the drive

Love is like fire
Awards you the shine

Love is like the earth
Shapes you to stay grounded

Tell me dear
How can I manage…

The natural instinct…..
The joy of being in love

(for One Single Impression:Clandestine)


Mary said…
Thank you for sharing your poem today with Poetry Pantry. I liked very much all of the similes you wrote about love. My favorite is the one about rain; but all of them are true. Nicely penned.
Kim Nelson said…
One should never have to hide true love!

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