The veneer is so thin.....

Today seems to be a fruitful day as far as the process of learning is concerned

I have learnt a fairly good lesson today about judging …..Good and bad!

Usually I use to think that good things are good and bad things are bad
But an incident happened today made me to realize that….

Good and bad are mostly relative…..
With respect to time, situation and person

And more importantly….we realize the goodness of earlier things
When comparatively…. something bad happens

Or to be precise…

Unless until we come across with some sort of worst time/situation/person…..

We can’t fairly judge the how good or better was the previous time/situation/person

In fact they make us realize the goodness among bad

So as the time change…..situation change…person change

We do a sort of comparison and come to a conclusion that previous one was better than this

A previously estimated criteria change
A supposedly bad person becomes good
When you come across with comparatively a worse person

So today I have learnt to keep the brackets open

Never to fix anything so firmly at the first instance itself

Never judge a person….conclusively

Always leave some scope to change your perception

Who knows…your yesterday’s bad may become good

Or of course…good may also become bad

Whatever…..the veneer is so thin…let time reveal the truth!


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