I don't know where I have lost.....

Just like a lath in the river
Just going with the flow
Life never gave me time…
Time to stop and ponder

Where I have gone wrong!
Where I have lost a string!!

Just moving ahead...
In spills and currents!
In the whirls and pools
Running all along life!!

Making shifts….taking turns
Bending moves…mending ways!
Not to lag behind
Adjusting all along course!!

After this many years
Of blind folding...

I don’t know why…and
What made me to look around?
What made me to trace my track?
Back to the origin….back to the roots!!

Just started wondering…

When I have begun
Where I want to reach
What path I have taken
Where it has brought

Nothing seems traceable
Nothing seems familiar

Where I have lost the original track!
Nothing left...no clues at all!!

In all these make shifts
And shifting routes

I never realized that...

I reached a new territory...

Which don’t belong to me!
Which won’t feel right for me! 

(For Poets United: POETRY PANTRY#146)


SaraV said…
It's amazing how it happens, suddenly you're where you never thought you would be--love your river analogy, that is how it feels
Nothing seems traceable...it often happens when we look back; we rarely remember our own dealings. Nice work.

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