Passion...A Haiku!

Words gather passionately

Clasp each other.....

Delivering a poem!



(For Poets United: Verse First ~ Passion)


Mary said…
I deleted one duplicate comment and they both disappeared. I can't scroll up again to look at your poem or I won't get back in the comment box again. Please change all of those options at the right. I don't want to see archives, page views, popular posts, and I don't want to subscribe. I only want to comment, which is proving to be exceedingly difficult.. I did enjoy your poem and its message.
Leslie said…
Words do express passion well
delightful haiku
Kim Nelson said…
What a terrific representation of creation. Lovely.
Heaven said…
Like the tercet (strictly not a haiku form) ~ Enjoyed this ~
Ella said…
Ah, clever
I like your passion ;D
PT said…
its nice that you are so determined to comment
but there is absolutely no problem to do u suggested I checked out
don't go to side bar
just click on the comments...the comment window will open can write and publish
hope you get it right

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