Feelings never die.....

They say "feelings won’t stand the time"
I say they are "the fools"

How can they say that??

I can still feel the warmth of …that smile
Given by the girl next to me

On the first day of my school
Holding my hand and looking into my eyes

The comfort she gave
How can I forget…forget  that feel!

I can still feel the tenderness of … that love
Scribbled on the notebook page…trying to say the untold

The first love letter given by the boy next door
With shaking hands and blinking eyes

The moment of first crush
How can I forget …forget that feel

I can still feel the affection of… that hug
Given by the man in my life

On the first outing of our courtship
Fathoming the soul and reaching out for peace

Counting the heart beats…in each other’s arms
How can I forget….forget that feel

I can still feel the gentleness of…. that touch
Holding the baby in my hands

Trying to figure out  the features
Having life to pass and owning life on my lap

Carrying the joy and dispersing the delight
How can I forget…forget that feel

Feelings never dry dear…feelings never  die
Eternal they are…. etched in the heart

(For One Single Impression, Prompt:FEELINGS)


Amber said…
This is exquisite, I am the same I remember all my crushes I may not remember specific details because Epilepsy has absconded with my memories but the feelings never die, Sometimes I can't comment on your blog

I am
Maggie Grace said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Maggie Grace said…
This is so beautiful. It evoked happy memories for me I had long forgotten. Thank you!
Mary said…
Beautifully expressed.
Harshad Mehta said…
vivid and so well put. Beautiful.
hyperCRYPTICal said…
Beautiful - feelings stay with us, evoke memories.

Anna :o]

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