My dear poise…

Though you are part of me

You never belonged to me

You never allowed me to hide

Yet… you protected me by all means

You remained the same old...

Free spirit...without any fear!

Speaking what is right

Hearing what is correct

You continued your journey

Being detachedly attached!

Never letting go…

The mettle of freedom

Never letting down

The voice of frankness

You have always stood by me

Irrespective of situation

You have always saved me

In spite of limitations

You hold me close to you

My dear poise…

You gave me conscious

And breathe in the sovereignty

Making me true to face this world!

Making me strong to fight the wicked!

 (For Poets United: Verse First ~The Function of Freedom)


I like the way you hold poise as your friend! :)
moondustwriter said…
Strong words conveying an inner and outer strength
I just read an article on values today - the values you mention are ones we hope are the fiber of each individual
Sherry Blue Sky said…
Making one true and strong..........wonderful words. A cool perspective of freedom.
Mary said…
It is definitely nice to know that someone will always stand by you!
A good lesson on how we could all hold our "dear poise" to find truth and strength in our days!
Akila G said…
A lovely conversation with the free spirit!
Laurie Kolp said…
Poise... so creative!
Suzy said…
I like the idea of poise being a friend.
Dropping by from Verse First.

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