I shed tears...

I love people

I feel…. I emote

They say I am weak!

Tears...cleanse me

I shed all the unwanted

I keep the entire essential

Crying purifies my soul

Makes me flawless

Love …immerse me

I lose all the sense of self

I gain all the humility

Loving stretches my zeal

Makes me wholesome

Feel …elevates me

I drop all the inhibitions

I take all the reverence

Feeling enhances my ardor

Makes me amiable

Emotions...express me

I lose all the ordinals

I earn all the innate

Emotions enthrall my spirit

Makes me perfect

Though I appear weak



They are the ones…

Which makes me strong

As a person…

As a human!!

((For One Single Impression, Prompt:WEAK


Anonymous said…
VaNdAnA ShArMa said…
I think such kind of person is the strongest of all , who is filled with emotions:)
Brian Miller said…
as a human...nice closure
and i like the humility that love brings...
Harshad Mehta said…
Oh yes, tears wash away inner dirt and makes one clean.
Anand S Unni said…
Great writing. Emotional and precise. :)
aka_andrea said…
feel...elevates me

I like that a lot. I think when I am expressing emotion I am at my most alive. you expressed this feeling well.
Mary said…
I admire people who are not afraid to share their emotions. This is a wonderfully open and human piece.

Thanks for posting a link weekly in Poetry Pantry. I hope you will be able to make visits as well, as we all enjoy them and it keeps up the morale for all.
J Cosmo Newbery said…
It's emotions that make us human. We should celebrate them.
This is a celebration of emotion - the coalescence of which is part (I a agree) of the essence of being human :)
Anonymous said…
Pride in our most human expression! Nicely done.
Anonymous said…
Self-searching and realization, I like it!
Sherry Blue Sky said…
YES! That is what I was thinking all through the poem - it is a strong person, not a weak one, who isnt afraid of the tears, the emotions. Love the ending: "which makes me strong as a person, as a human." Perfect!
Anonymous said…
I enjoyed your piece. thx for sharing.
Bon said…
Hi, PT.
The last two verses are powerful and beautiful. Thanks.
PT said…
What else can I say? Wow....
slow learner said…
very well said.

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